Yes, I’m on the NEW MySpace!


That’s right gang, I’ve just joined Justin Timberlake social media site. I guess this is just me being a social media whore, but why not?

How about I give you my impressions so far… The NEW MySpace is much cleaner and simplified. The way you navigate through posts seem to take a cue from the iPad, using a side-way scroll. The site itself at times can be photo heavy. (Not that it takes forever to load.) But this new social media experiment seems to be geared towards musicians and the music industry. And that makes sense since the OLD MySpace’s most active users are musicians and/or music fans. When you first sign up, you have to select the type of person you are. (IE: creative/designer, photographer, etc) I’m not too sure if that actually makes a difference or if you’re just categorizing yourself.

As for the OLD MySpace, I don’t know if that’ll be phased out or not. (Wikipedia doesn’t mention such a thing.) But if you want to check them out, swing over to to get your invitation. You can also visit my NEW MySpace page at


Screen Shots

Screenshot of my MySpace page
Screenshot of my MySpace page
Editing my page
Editing my page. I still haven’t been able to upload a cover image
Discovering the best of pop-trash
Discovering the best of pop-trash
Your categories...
Your categories…