The State of the Website — Jan 28, 2022

The state of this website was pretty lousy. But honestly, I’ve been pretty lazy and kept putting this site off. Before I knew it, became slow and dysfunctional. That forced me to gut a lot of garbage internally from this website. (If you happen to know anything about managing a WordPress site, you’ll know the dangers of plug-ins going bad.)

Article Updates

Mouse pulling tooth. State of the site

Yes sir! In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been updating articles, starting with the “Yes, You Too Can Draw!” series. And it’s a combination of grammatical errors, link updates, and removing obsolete content. Also, I’m trashing posts that I consider “too whiny” in tone. Hell, I may even change to a new WordPress theme.

For now, I have no plans to create new content, unless I feel it’s necessary. As mentioned previously, I had a few WordPress plug-ins that went bad and that left me with a ton of Amazon links and affiliate ads that are no longer functional. My goal is to clean house before doing anything major.

My Stack of Work is Never Finished

potential cover for new children's book
Potential cover for new children’s book.

I have a new children’s book in the works. It just needs a bit of polish and a solid marketing plan. I’d release it this month (January), but I’d like to make money off of my hard work. More to come…

Yes, It’s Real!

Okay, I’m honestly not comfortable with making big announcements unless I feel like I can deliver. Rarely do I have that type of confidence. I’m starting two new businesses.

The first, is a studio/publishing Imprint, Second Half Studios. Second Half Studios will represent the children’s books and kid-friendly art. This may seem kinda lame, but I feel like I need an imprint to represent me or a particular aspect of my work. I’m still one of those artists that like to do a little of everything. The reality is that a profitable artist settles on a specific style and embraces it. I haven’t quite faced reality as of writing.

On the other end of the spectrum will be the skateboarding apparel and lifestyle company, Texas Hellfire Club, LTD. THC, LTD (for short) is the brainchild of my cousin, Robbie Schultz. It’ll be a unique blend of art, skateboarding, and punk. We want to put on very different art shows with their own themes. THC, LTD may become too rowdy to the point that I may have to supply art under an alias.

I’m honestly scared to death to pull the trigger on either. (There’s always something that you don’t know that will burn you.) But I’m at the point where I feel comfortable enough to risk financial ruin and worse. I’ll make things official on this and all of my social media outlets.

Are You on Gab?

Of course, I’m on Gab. In fact, I’ve completely forgotten about the Gab account that I opened about a month ago.

Unfortunately, the major social media platforms are still being run by snowflakes and they have a bad habit of banning and censoring content that triggers them. That’s why I keep getting banned from Reddit. (My last ban was from being too optimistic about Covid-19. Joshi fans couldn’t handle that.) My other issue is that the stuff that doesn’t get banned gets suppressed by the algorithms, and only a handful of followers actually see my content. So it’s time to seek out greener pastures if such exists.

If you happen to be on Gab, you can hit me up @Chilbig or

Yes, I’m on Parler

>Sigh!< Parler has been a disappointment for me. Parler is basically an alternative to Twitter. Twitter has also been relatively useless to me. If I were in conservative commentary, this would be a goldmine. But alas, if you wish to follow me on Parler, I can be found at (You’ll be asked to sign up or Log in.)

Hey, Are You on MeWe?!

Hey Tommy Chong is on MeWe!! And so am I! You can find me at (You’ll be asked to sign up or Log in.)

I’m also tempted to open a Getter and a Tender account. Maybe I’ll have better luck with one of them.

My Closing Remarks

Unless the Covids come to get ya. Or Jesus makes his big come back and we’ll all have to be forced to consider the fallacy that’s life… As my Japanese (in my head) on Facebook would say, “Ja, mata ne!”