Tax Time For Mr. Hilbig


I apologize for the lack of activity on the site as of late. I do have a few posts in the hopper, but it’s that time of the year for yours truly. I have to go through the motions of filing my income taxes here in the United States. This year will be especially unnerving since I had a business in 2012, 1090 income, and I ended my year with a nasty bust. (That was financially painful.)

I hope to at least have the difficult part (gathering my stuff and filling in the correct info)  by the end of the week (I hope), and I can finally get back in the saddle again.

Unfortunately, I’m one of those freaks who never has a simple tax year. I always seem to have something going on that complicates things. (Like FX trading.) Until the current American Income Tax code gets replaced with a flat-tax or a federal sales-tax (which will never happen because it takes away bureaucrats’ ability to directly manipulate voters, investors, and businesses), this is just something I’ll have slog through every year.

In the meantime, personally give me warm fuzzies by checking out my advertisers. (Okay, I guess that was pushing it, but I thought I’d give it a shot.)



Chris Hilbig