New Video Edition of Inkscape Experiments is Live!


Inkscape Experiments logo

I’ve just posted the very first video edition of Inkscape Experiments. This also happens to be the video version of my tutorial on how to spin and clone paths using the Create Tiled Clones feature in Inkscape. See the YouTube version below:


I also post the video on Viemo.

This time around I used Kdenlive to edit the video. Kdenlive is a free and open source video editor. Unlike my copy of iMovie, I gain more freedom and flexibility. But Kdenlive on the Mac is buggy as shit. It’ll crash doing very basic stuff. Maybe it’s the fact that what I’m using is a rough port. I don’t know. But this 10 minute video took way too long to piece together and edit. Maybe Kdenlive is a better experience on Linux. Next time, I’ll try something else on the Mac.  Or maybe resort to purchasing a subscription to Adobe’s Cloud.