Winsor & Newton Pigment Marker

Links of Interest — Sept 28, 2015

Welcome back to a brand-spankin’ new edition of links of interest. I’m sort of back. I’ll explain pretty soon my situation. None the less, here we go!


New Winsor & Newton Markers

Winsor & Newton Pigment Marker

Just recently, the good folks at Winsor & Newton have taken two big steps into the marker market. Their first big step has been their new Pigment Markers. I haven’t had the opportunity to play with them yet. Based on what I’ve seen from the videos W&S has posted, they seem to behave much like paint markers, but are slower to dry. They boast that the color in their markers will last for a 100 years. Unlike practically all brands for markers, Winsor & Newton have both a white and colorless blender that actually blends color and are easy to clean.

Dick Blick has been selling them for over the past two months, and they have sold pretty well. In fact, they’ve sold out of the pigment markers all together for a good solid month. Yesterday I found Michael’s here in the U.S. selling Pigment Markers as open-stock. That’s a tremendous way of trying them out.

I also spotted Winsor & Newton’s new line of ProMarkers. These are dye based and are already being sold as open-stock at Michael’s stores. There is currently very little to no information about this new line of markers. Clas Ohlson in the UK has been selling them, but as of writing, are currently sold out. I might pick up a few up the next time I visit Michael’s.


3rd Annual Brain-A-Thon

New York Times best-seller, John Assaraf is hosting his 3rd annual Brain-A-Thon this coming October 3rd. What is a “Brain-A-Thon”, you say? Basically it’s an online event that is designed to help you break free from the mental blocks that hold you back from achieving your goals and desires. They will likely be selling some program of some sort. All webinars do. But if you happen to find any gold nuggets that help push you forward in life, it’ll be worth the time.

The Nazarene Fund

As you may or may not know, the islamic terror group Isis has been running amuck in Syria, Iraq, and Libya. As a result of their conquests and the West’s inaction, Christians in this region have been targeted. When Isis and other muslim thugs aren’t liquidating the Christian population, they are kidnaping, raping, and torturing these poor people.

Unfortunately, there’s no one in political power that’s willing to enact a realistic solution to eliminate terror groups such as Isis or to bring an end to their reign of terror in the Middle East. In the meantime, talk show host Glenn Beck and his charity Mercury One have launched a bold initiative, the Nazarene Fund. The big goal of the Nazarene Fund is to raise $10 million to help relocate Christian families from Isis controlled regions to safer nations, where they’ll have the opportunity the rebuild their lives. For more information, I encourage everyone to read the official FAQ.

I don’t ask anyone to do anything that I haven’t done, especially when it come to money. Often times charities pop up to either be used as a PR ploy or to be a never-ending money generating machine that never really solves, helps, or cures its problem. The Nazarene Fund initiative isn’t one of them. I have personally given of my own hard-earned money to the Nazarene Fund. I want to encourage you to donate to the Nazarene Fund by visiting visit today. Thanks!