Willard the Mouse looking up close at Mac OS X Mavricks

Links of Interest — Oct 28, 2013

I would apologize for sitting on this post for over a week, but I’m not. The website is going through a strange paradox where the less I post, the more visitors the site attracts. I haven’t quite wrapped my mind around this phenomenon. So I guess I’ll screw this up again with another round of Links of Interest.

Freestyle Renderer Tutorial

Scooter rendered in Blender with Freestyle renderer

This is a helpful little tutorial by Filippo Veniero over on 3D Total that teaches the basics of the latest version of the Freestyle renderer for Blender 3D. If you’re not so familiar with the current interface for Freestyle, I would recommend using BlenderWiki for as a reference. I just hope your render is less cr@ppy than me.

A similar render of scooter in freestyle by chris hilbig



Hattori Mitsuni’s Official Website

Image of Rea from Sankurea mangaAs of late, I’ve been distracting myself with another manga entitled Sankarea (さんかれあ). It’s written and illustrated by an extremely talented mangaka, Hattori Mitsuni. The link provided connects to Mitsuni’s blog, which is in Japanese.  That why Google Translate exists. Still he posts some interesting stuff.



Mavericks is Here!

Willard the Mouse looking up close at Mac OS X Mavricks

In case you haven’t noticed, the latest version of Mac OS X has just been released into the wild. Mavericks is a free upgrade. (That means I wasted $20 on Lion.) Anyways, Apple claims 200 new features. Most of the changes are under the hood. (Memory compression, App Nap, etc) Based on what I’ve read, laptop users will benefit most from this upgrade. There are some more visual changes inspired by Apple’s’ iOS. A new Maps and Books applications. I currently have Mavericks installed, and so far everything runs great with the exception of Parallels 7. (I’m seriously considering upgrading since it’s much faster and I can install Parallel Tools in Ubuntu.) My oDesk Team app was also b*tching at me a because it can’t pick up keystroke off my keyboard. There’s an easy fix for that. Otherwise I feel this is a pretty solid upgrade.

MacWorld of course has us covered with their review of Mavericks by Jason Snell. You may also want to read through some of MacWorld’s coverage of Mavericks to get fully up to speed. I highly recommend reading MacWorld’s article on the many changes Apple made to the System Preferences application. Many of them had left me completely lost.



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