Links of Interest — June 16, 2013


Hey gang! Sorry I haven’t posted in close to a month. (Yeah, both the day-job and freelancing has eaten up most of my time. Not that I mind.)  But I finally have time to finally have time to get the ball rolling on my entry for the 2013 Artistic Excellence Competition. I also have another Yes, You Too Can Draw! lined up for this monday. Now on with the Links of Interest!

LEGO House is Being Constructed

The Lego House

As a kid, I was a HUGH fan of Lego. That was my thing for years. I still am, I just don’t get to play with them anymore. Every now and then I’ll troll Lego’s website to see the latest developments. Today’s visit was spurred by my interest in Mr. Gold.

They have a press release for the up coming Lego House that will be constructed in the Lego Group’s home town of Billund, Denmark. I saw the video showing a 3D visualization of the entire site. It reminds me too much of the Apple store. Or a little less colorful version of the San Antonio Lego Store. Sure it looks “clean” and modern”, but it also looks empty and desolate. It lacks the life and pizzazz of a Legoland. Even the display models inside look sad and lifeless. Towards the middle of the video there’s a small boy applauding a twig of a tree.

If you’re still interested, the last brick will be snapped on the Lego House some time in 2016.

Shonen Jump Manga Competition

Shonen Jump Manga Competition

Normally SJ runs their manga competitions within Japan or the Japanese world (anyone who is fluent in Japanese). This year Jump’s running a competition that extends globally. (for Chinese, English, and Japanese submissions.) Submission can be sent online. The Grand Prize is 500,000 yen. (Over $5,300 USD.) 


Create Worn Edges Map

A new add-on for Blender for simulation worn or rough edges. Interesting stuff.


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