Links of Interest – Jan 20, 2013



A New Way to Illustrate the Wizard of OZ


Wizard of OZ relief in Blender
© Grant Parsley

This has been making the round across the internet. I stumbled across this on Blender 3D’s main page. Grant Parsley modeled and sculpted these relief illustrations in Blender and ZBrush. The illustrations were rendered in Blender. Amazing stuff! Here the link to the original thread, click!



How to Make an Artist Press Kit


This one I found on Twitter. An interesting little article by Nichole Delger gives a rough overview on creating a press kit.



More Weirdness Off of Twitter

I honestly am not sure what to make of this. It’s all in Japanese and I can barely read Hiragana. It reminds me of Oh!great’s whacky intermissions bases roughly on his life. Both of these involve food. 😛

Come to find out this is a website for a Japanese restaurant in NYC.