Links of interest — Jan 16, 2013


Okay gang. In today’s Links of Interest I’m serving up some real wieners today.


Google’s Pinguin and the Mess Ahead

I’m still new to the whole SEO thing. This article (even if it’s half true) provides with all sorts of warm fuzzies. More or less a not-so-positive commentary on Google’s Penguin system, and the results it churns out.


Cat Eyed Boy

Cat Eyed Boy banner

Kazuo Umezu’s horror manga. VIZ just released volume 1. It reminds a lot of Tales From the Crypt. It’s basically about a cat-eyed boy, who bears witness to other people’s misfortunes. The art is a cross of EC and the classic style used by Astro Boy.


The Secrets of Realistic Texturing


Blender Guru does it again. A great li’l video and article running down the basics of texturing in Blender 3D. This tutorial will cover basic texturing, how to use CrazyBumb to create textures, and how to make a realistic cobblestone material. Check it out!