Links of Interest – Feb 28, 2013


I normally use Links of Interest to promote other people’s work. But today’s edition, this’ll be a more self-serving post. Now on with the show!

Useful Tutorials For Creating Vector Graphics Using Inkscape

CartonBox tutorial in InkscapeSome really impressive Inkscape tutorials on creating stuff that I never thought would be possible. In the carton above, everything is made of vectors except for the texture you see on the box. Believe it or not, the water-stains are actually vectors using a gradient. I guess I need to start thinking outside the box when it comes to Inkscape.

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Chris Hilbig is on DeviantART

Chris Hilbig's avatar on DeviantART
Chris Hilbig’s avatar on DeviantART

Yes, I’m finally on DeviantArt. When I first started posting to my page, I read their copyright policy, and that took all the excitement out of my account. After 48 hours, I decided to use my account as a place to post my experiments and sketches. Or basically stuff that won’t concern me if it get’s ripped off or recycled as apart of DeviantART’s advertising.

I also need to mention DeviantART’s web app, Muro. It’s a feature-packed drawing/painting app. Muro’s amazingly able to recognize your Wacom tablet’s pressure sensitivity. It also has layers, textures, and most of the basic features you’ll find in PhotoShop. For a web app, I think it’s a bit rough, but very impressive. The closest that comes to Muro is flash-based Sumo Paint, which has a ton of the bells and whistles of PhotoShop, yet still doesn’t have pressure-sensitivity.


Chris Hilbig is on Pheed

Chris Hilbig's Pheed page
Chris Hilbig’s Pheed page

Why the hell not?! I stumbled across this while trolling theBlaze yesterday. According to this story, the Pheed app is the number one most downloaded social networking app at the Apple App Store. (Android app coming soon.) Also Pheed is currently experiencing a migration of Twitter users at the moment. This might end up becoming the latest fad in social media. Pheed’s look and feel is much like a cross between Twitter and Google+. Reguardless of what becomes of Pheed, it’ll be another way to keep up with if I can find a way to juggle all of these accounts.)


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