Links of Interest — Feb 17, 2013


Sorry it’s been so long between posts. My week’s been busier than usual. Plus my up-coming Crash Course in Inkscape has grown larger than I envisioned. In the meantime, here’s some more internet love in case you didn’t get any this Valentine’s Day.

Here’s a sample of what I’ve been cooking:

A preview from the Crash course in Inkscape
© 2013 Chris Hilbig

The Philosophy of Liberty

A great little YouTube video posted on one of my favorite economics sites. It lays out, in a simple manner, the philosophy and principals of liberty. The reason why I think this is a great video is due to the sad fact that too many people in the world neither understand the concept of liberty (or freedom) or what it means to live in a “free-society.”


Amazing Inkscape Art

Panda Panda!! Done in inkscape. © Sven Ebert
Panda Panda!! © Sven Ebert

I actually stumbled across this while on Google+. Alexandre Prokoudine from Libre Graphics World posted some wonderful illustrations done in Inkscape by Sven Ebert aka “Dillerkind”. His  works are a bit hip-hoppish, but it’s still some amazing stuff. Check it out!


Blender 2.66 Release Candidate

Blender Release candidate

The Blender Foundation has just released another official build of Blender 3D. For those of you that aren’t Blend-heads, these are more-or-less beta releases that allows the Blender-Community to both take advantage of the latest and greatest features and help with the massive effort to de-bug it. If you happen to stumble across any bugs, you can report them to’s  bug-tracker.

Some of the big features touted include support for rendering hair in Cycles and UI support for Macbook “retina” displays.


How to create a “Still Life” picture through Blender

That’s right kids, more Blender goodness. This one I stumbled across on BlenderNation. In this video tutorial by  Umberto Oldani, Blender artists will learn some of the texturing, lighting, rendering, and compositing techniques that Umberto used to create his still life.






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