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Links of Interest — Dec 5, 2013

It’s another round of Links of Interest. Sorry I haven’t posted in this category for a while, but I need stuff that motivates me before I post any links that interest me. Here are some golden nuggets of goodies straight from the web…

Refresh of

Screen shot of website

Wow! I’ve had to say that for more than one reason. First off, I am digging the new design of the website. Second, my post, A Crash Course in Inkscape is being fed just a ton of traffic from these guys. I’d like to express my deepest gratitude on that second point.

For those of you who don’t already know, is the official website of the open-source vector program Inkscape. Similar to Blender 3D and Gimp, it’s very much a mature and fully functional application with features that can easily compete with Adobe Illustrator. It runs under Windows, Mac OS X, and most any variant of Linux. Plus it can open, import, and export to most major file formats. Plus a new version is currently in the works. Best of all, it’s FREE! No major commitment of cash. I highly recommend to give Inkscape a try today.


Review of Master It

Image of the Master It tutorial series

CG Masters has just release a set of Blender tutorials that claims to teach every aspect of Blender 3D. Master It is a two-volume series with 18 hours of both basic and advance training. Master It is available in DVD and downloadable versions. Terry Wallwork of Adventures in Blender does us the favor of reviewing this educational series. Read Wallwork’s review to get a better feel for what you’re in for before you buy.

(Special thanks and credit to Blender Nation)



Artists Network’s Season of Giving

Artists Network Annual Holiday Sweepstakes

What’s a better way to celebrate the holidays than with winning art supplies. Everyday, up till December 17th, the Artist’s Network is running a series of contests with prizes from major names such as Strathmore, Liquitex, and Holbein.  Today’s prize is a $250 set of Rosemary handmade watercolor brushes.



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