Links of Interest – 2/2/2013


That’s right gang, my Links of Interest brings another round of goodness from across the web, and to your web browser.


ArtRage Previews Version 4 at Expo

 A screenshot showing off the new Scraps, Workbench, and Paint Symmetry features.
From MacWorld’s website. A screenshot showing off the new Scraps, Workbench, and Paint Symmetry features.

That’s right kids, ArtRage has another update fresh from the oven, and they’re showing it off at this year’s MacWorld Expo. According to MacWorld, the new version will be playing catch-up with the big boys (PhotoShop and Painter). Some of the new advancements include a restructured interface, painting symmetry with multiple axes, canvas views (or a floating reference), scraps for testing out techniques befor you apply them to your work, a new clone tool, and fill tool. Can’t wait to test it out.


Twitter Get’s Hacked!

<sarcasm>HURRAAAY!</sarcasm>, someone just hacked Twitter and stole information on 250,000 users. I just caught wind of this off the TV. I have to sigh whenever I see stupid sh#t like this because to be honest, you have to be really smart to be a hacker. You have to be remotely intelligent to be a script-kiddie. But hacking is akin to vandalism, which takes no intelligence at all. Given that both the PC World article and the AP mentioned that hackers from China attack both the Wall Street Journal and New York Times’s site, the mind begins to wonder…

Regardless, I’ve just reset my password. In case you need a little guidance coming up with a new securer password, check out this article on PC World’s site.


Blender Node Compositing

For me, this feature could always use a bit more explaining. A great little YouTube video on Blender 3D’s Node Compositing feature by Reynante Martinez


Coming Soon!

A screenshot of what I'm working on in InkScape.
A screenshot of what I’m working on in InkScape. ©2013 Chris Hilbig

Sorry, there’s no link for these. Coming soon to this website, the State of the Site and a crash course on Inkscape. In the meantime, keep their online manual bookmarked.