Links of Interest – 1/30/13


Today’s Links of Interest is another batch of yumminess from across the web:

Disney Magic

Even though I’m a big Disney fan, I don’t get to troll around their site too often. This was a great find. I loved the old videos of Disneyland when it was under construction. Plus I got to learn about the Boys. Also Disney has a huge exhibit at the Ronald Reagan Library until April.


Photos From the Great War

World War I may as well Ancient Greece, a lot of us heard of it, but very few of us know anything about it. (I include myself.) The Blaze brings WWI to life by showing off some photos from the French National Archive. They almost look surreal.

Below is a clip from a BBC documentary showing off some aerial footage during and after the war:


Blend Swap Relaunched

This was new to me. Blender Swap is a website for Blender users to upload and share their 3D creations.  The relaunch adds a bunch of new features to the site.


New Videos in the ZClassroom

For you ZBrush lovers out there, there are new tutorial videos by Michael Pavlovich focusing on Panel Loops. Check them out!