An old render of a restaurant done in Blender 3D

Links of Interest — Nov 01, 2015

An old render of a restaurant done in Blender 3D

Howdy gang! I have another round of really amazing Links of Interest for you. November seems to offer gobs of great stuff! Let’s dig in…

A Personal Note…

On a personal note, I have lots of stuff cooking for the website. I’m currently working on two new chapters of Yes, You Too Can Draw! Both of these chapters continue on expanding our skills when it comes to cheating at perspective. (Okay, it’ll seem like cheating.) Also I have a stack of reviews that I need to finally get out, covering a wide array of art materials that I have been playing with (i.e. – Winsor & Newton’s new markers, Atelier Acrylics, and anything that I could reasonably waste my money on.) I’ve been leaking what I’ve been up to here and there on the Official FaceBook Page. Even though I have my issues with Facebook, it is the least chaotic form of social media. And I am very grateful for that.


Cindy Agan Is Ridiculously Good!

Cindy Agan painting boy's face from Daddy's Train. Video copyright 2015 Artist Network TV
© 2015 Artist Network TV

I guess I will be shelling out a lot of cash this month. I always receive numerous North Light newsletters in my inbox, and I’ll have to admit that they have posted some really great stuff this month over on Artist Network TV. I’ve just discovered Cindy Agan, and I really love her watercolor work. I’m also astonished by here video tutorial, Painting Watercolors that Sparkle with Life. This video demonstrates some of Agan’s watercolor and gouache techniques. I recommend you at least check out the preview video featuring how Agan paints eyes. You won’t regret it!


Watermedia Foundation: Watercolor & Gouache

Screen Shot of Stephen Quiller painting int watercolor and gouache
© 2015 Artist Network TV

Adding to my never-ending bucket list, are Stephen Quiller’s  two Watermedia Foundation courses. Chapter 1 largely focuses on how to take advantage watercolor’s different characteristics. He also goes into the basics of Gouache painting and provides demonstrations that integrates the two mediums.

Chapter 2 focuses largely of the Gouache medium. It’s a good introduction for anyone wanting to learn more about gouache. During Quiller’s demonstration, he covers many gouache techniques including wet-on-wet, mixing colors, and texturing techniques. To watch these two great videos, you can ether pay a $16.99 USD monthly subscription or purchase lifetime access to either video for $16.99 USD.


Susan’s Musings

Screen shot of Susan Lapin's blog

I am also a big fan of Rabbi Daniel Lapin. His teachings on life and business are indispensable. The good rabbi’s wife and business partner, Susan Lapin has her own blog where she shares her wisdom with readers and chronicles her travels.


Artist’s Magazine All-Media Competition

Artist's Magazine All Media Art Competition

It’s that magic time again! Artist’s Magazine is putting on it’s annual All Media Art Competition. Winners will have their works featured in the July-August 2016 issue of The Artist’s Magazine. Prizes also include cash, complementary subscriptions to Artist’s Magazine, and $100 towards the purchase of North Light books. Deadline is November 16, 2015!


The Self Made Man Podcast

Screen shot of Self Made Man blog

I have been following fellow Texan Mike Dillard since he founded the EVG Group just a few years ago. I have learned a lot from this man! I am also a subscriber to Dillard’s Self Made Man podcast, where he interviews some the world’s leading entrepreneurs, investors, and thinkers. The interviews cover a wide array of topics from business, health, relationship, etc. It is great stuff, and for FREE! You can subscribe now on both iTunes and/or Stitcher.