Is The End Near?


If you’re willing to humor me for a moment, I’d like to start with a quote that has served me well:

“Keep your eyes on the road and your hands upon the wheel… The future’s uncertain and the end is always near…”

— From Roadhouse Blues, The Doors

As I grow older, it seems I become more cynical. People, even the smart ones, tend to bounce from panic to panic. Or fad to fad.  If you’re a conspiracy monger, there’s always another black-hand pulling strings for some evil purpose. If you’ve an ever-loving utopian, you’re stupidly pouring your heart and soul into some politician, cause, or some other mindless b#llsh*t that never pans out. But there’s always something new to freak-out over or buy into.

Thanks to modern technology, we can freak-out faster and more spontaneously to even the most mundane nonsense. We get upset over tweets, instagrams, and the occasional FaceBook post. The “news-media” is now a blatant echo-chamber, staffed with reporters and pundits who regurgitate the latest narrative. And often times it’s word-for-word.  I used to believe that talk radio was above the fray, but with few exceptions, hosts who claim to never listen to each other’s programs have the bad habit of mimicking each other.

Did You Know The End Is Tomorrow — Sorta?

Since those back-watered Aztecs fooled our betters by not completing their calendar, Al Gore’s last prediction of a Global-Warming Apocalypse was a flop, and A.I. will take a while to conquer humanity, we haven’t had the opportunity to contemplate humanity’s demise in a while.

Earlier this week, the media was declaring the end is nigh this Saturday, September the 22nd. They based it upon a prediction made by researcher David Meade, who was originally accused of being a Christian-numerologist. But he actually used Numerology and some verses out of the Book of Revelations to predict an astrological event that will signal the beginning of the seven years of tribulation.

I’m actually more afraid of the 7 years of tribulation than the world ending. Given the direction that Western Civilization is currently heading, I can imagine all sorts of awful stuff before things finally collapse.


So Now What?

I have a bad habit of assuming that we’re all screwed in some fashion. Regardless of what happens, becoming self-sufficient will go a long ways. If you stop wasting your time following the crowd, worrying over mundane sh#t like statues, climate-change, and the deep state, you’ll have time to improve your existence.

I want you to be aware that I’m not some uber-rich Libertarian or neo-confederate (a Libertarian that doesn’t believe in having countries). I myself have a long ways to go before I can finally give the whole world the finger and ignore its stupidity. But here are a few ideas:

  • Stop wishing for the “right” politician to show up to save us from the usual rabble that voters have to tolerate. Sadly governments around the world have grown much too large for a “good” candidate to clean things up. There’s simply too much money and too much power being consolidated. Who really has the guts to clean up the swamp? So far no one.
  • Start a business and/or learn how to invest. As suggested earlier, money is power. Money provides the independence to determine your own fate. Otherwise you’ll live like the rest of us and suffer from circumstance.
  • Debt is just a tool. It should be used to financially advance yourself. Too much debt and using debt for stuff that you can live without are bad ideas. If you have a ton of bad debt, start paying it down.
  • Save 10% of whatever you earn and put it a side in cash, savings, gold/silver, and/or cryptocurrency. (This actually works by the way.) The point is that you are forcing yourself to actually save money. And you’re moving that 10% into places that are difficult to liquidate on a whim. You can use it for retirement (which I don’t believe in), investing, or for emergencies.
  • If you can, sign up for a foreign bank account and/or purchase real estate outside your home country. Sh*t happens and good countries go bad. Many countries already have money controls in place, like FACTA in the United States. But having a foreign bank account or real estate gives you options for when things go bad in your home country.
  • Work on your health. Unfortunately bad health will undermine anyone’s efforts. If you’re tired all of the time, suffering from some ailment, or in bad mental health, do whatever you have to do to overcome it. Otherwise you’ll have a millstone around your neck and it will hold you back.
  • Get right with God. I’m not a very good Christian, but the older I get, the more that I see how societal events have a spiritual angle to them. As of writing, the West is currently living in the age of radical secularism. So far it has made a mess of society. Before the 1960’s, children in America actually read and studied the Bible. They learned how to be productive adults. American society grew wealthy and more advance. The further away society has drifted from the Bible, the more it breaks down. Try comparing Poland to the rest of the E.U. and you’ll get my point. If you’re currently going to church every week, that’s great, but not enough. Some pastors are more ignorant of the Word of God than others. That’s why you must educate yourself. If you need a starting point, try my rabbi Daniel Lapin(It’s still Rosh HaShana as of writing, so his website is currently useless until after the world ends on Saturday evening. His work is also [amazon text=available on Amazon.&chan=amazon default&asin=0470485884])




Just In Case…

Just in case the world does come to an end, I’d like to personally thank you for frequenting my humble little website. But if it doesn’t, I’d like to encourage you to stop wasting your time waiting on someone else to better your life. No one’s coming to save you. And if someone does, it’s because there’s something in it for them. It doesn’t matter if it’s the government or another person.

You and only you are responsible for yourself. (If you have a family, then of course you’re responsible for them.) If you are foolish enough to believe that you’ll get to live during utopian times if X happens, then you’ll be wasting the rest of your life. The cold hard reality is that there will always be difficult times. It’s up to you, not some collective, to not just survive, but to thrive in life. You must work at creating your own circumstances.

Don’t waste your time getting caught up in the latest cause, fad, movement, or revolution. It’ll only end in disappointment. Why? Because people are people. People have the tendency of take the easiest path possible, even if it’s at someone else’s expense. Even worse, the end result will be something that will suck.